• We can guarantee that you & your little ones will love these sandals as not only are they beautiful but they are also extremely comfortable.


    We make each & every single pair of sandals as per request ... our sandals are not mass-produced via factory or machinery so therefore every single pair is hand crafted especially for you.


    We regard our sandals to be of the utmost quality - we make all the sandals as per request & we strive in finding you your perfect fit. All the pairs are handmade from thick COW leather & varnished with a special varnish for the finishing touch.

    We use sustainable products that are as environmental friendly. In regards to our sandals themselves, our leather skins all come from Italy - we only purchase 'Natural Leather' & finish it off with a special varnish to protect the leather - no dye, no artificial  substances. 

    Brown Twizzle Handmade Leather Sandals for Children

    • 100% Custom Handmade Product

      High Quality Genuine Leather 

      Press Rubber Soles