OUR STORY - Why we LOVE what we do.

Welcome to SANDALI where we create quality handmade leather & vegan sandals for Men, Women & Children based on 100% genuine leather & sustainable materials.

It all started with a great idea and a little hard work. Today we're proud to provide quality leather sandals & accessories direct to your doorstep through an experience you'll enjoy. And most of all, we hope you'll enjoy the products as much as we do.

SANDALI is a licensed trademark since 2008 where we started a small entrepreneur enterprise which has grown dramatically within the past 12 years ... we honestly feel blessed by our success however we always say that our product sells itself as our sandals are based on timeless quality, style & comfort.

Our brand consist of me ( Lindy-Lu Victor Azolay ) and my life partner ( Shlomy Azolay ), 2 local employees & 2 outsourced employees ( Virtual Assistant + Marketing Manager ).  Our studio is based in the heart of Old Tel-Aviv Yaffo in one of the most historical yet diverse tourist areas in the 'Shuk-Ha-Pishpishiem' area.  We are a stone throw away from the beach which makes it wonderful for a surf session early mornings before we start our day.  

SANDALI originally started when we moved from England to Israel in early 2008 whereas there was period of 8 months which I needed to wait to get my Spouse Visa sorted out In this period of time I joined Shlomy & returned to working with leather whereas I started creating bags, jewelry & accessories for selling on my Online Shop. I then discovered one of Shlomy's bags from India which was full of leather sandals ( dissembled ) & we then immediately created a new project for ourselves. 

Shlomy is the master though behind it all. He lived and studied the Art of Leather in India for 2 years, a few years locally here Israel He also just finished his 'Shoe Master Degree' at the Gilda School of Design whereas he makes the most amazing shoes & boots so hopefully by the beginning of winter we will be able to start his new collection of all kinds of shoes & boots which we would love to share. Shlomy is more the creator & he is in charge of maintaining production whereas I am more the administrator - I am in charge of running our Online Stores, Support, Communications, Marketing & SEO I have to say that we have a hot spot on Google.  I love the idea of learning something from a completely traditional perspective and then using those skills to reinvent the now.

After careful consideration Shlomy wanted to continue focusing on his favorite part of manufacturing, the design process, and through a series of events Shlomy came across a second generation sandal factory based in the West Bank’s largest city, Hebron.  The details behind this beautiful global citizen story of business bridging conflict is beyond inspiring. The story behind the production of our sandals are based on a cross border collaboration between Israel and Palestine.

Most people are just merely under the impression that there is no connection or collaborations between these two conflict states based on the fact that there is so much propaganda displayed by the media all based on hate & violence however we've peacefully been collaborating with our West Bank partners for over 12 years now.

Our Middle East project is a testament of two truths: The world is getting smaller and friendship can transform communities regardless of political restrictions.

Watch Apolis’ film that shares the amazing story of us working together for five years through online communications before we actually met face to face.

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